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Successful Conclusion of SIHOO Intelligent Furniture's New Product Launch Conference

Dec 20-2022

On September 15th, SIHOO Intelligent Furniture's "Revolutionizing the Chair Industry, supporting Comfort" online new product launch ended successfully. At this launch, SIHOO made a heavy debut with its innovative work, Doro-S300, which has attracted widespread attention from the industry. SIHOO Intelligent Furniture's Chairman, Luo Huiping, Professor Li Zhelin from the School of Design at South China University of Technology, Xing Yinzhong, President of the Shenzhen Ergonomics Society, and Doctor Lee Xialin from the Department of Orthopedics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine were present at the launch and had in-depth discussions about the development of China's ergonomic chairs in 2022.

SIHOO's Heavy-duty New Product Launch, Doro-S300 sets a new benchmark in the chair industry

At this launch, SIHOO's Chairman, Luo Huiping, gave a live explanation of SIHOO's Doro-S300 and uncovered the ergonomic technology secrets behind comfortable sitting.


The new Doro-S300 product uses SIHOO's original suspension technology, with five breakthrough technologies including the space chassis, floating wing waist support, suspended chair back, light cloud mesh fabric, and shock-absorbing seat cushion. It creates a hovering sitting sensation like challenging gravity and elevates the comfort level of the chair.

The space chassis uses a sheet-like mechanical design and cross-disciplinary aviation fiberglass materials, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional spring chassis where petite women can't lean back but large people can't get up; the floating wing waist support uses butterfly wing biomimetic technology and has an adjustable angle of 90°-105°, which allows users of different body shapes to receive the same comfortable support from the waist in different scenarios; the suspended chair back solves the pain point of "supporting waist but not back or vice versa" when adjusting the one-piece lift chair back and provides comfortable support to both the waist and back key positions for people of different heights; the shock-absorbing seat cushion absorbs the impact force when users sit down and makes the landing soft, providing a more relaxed experience; and the light cloud mesh fabric uses imported DuPont raw materials combined with Italian velvet, woven by a special process, with a delicate touch and even force distribution, making the chair more comfortable to sit on.

The application of multiple ergonomic new technologies has set a new benchmark for the ergonomic chair industry with SIHOO's Doro-S300. The product is already available online with two colors, rock ash, and obsidian black to choose from. It's worth mentioning that in the current market situation where international brand ergonomic chairs often sell for over ten thousand yuan, SIHOO's Doro-S300 is priced at 3299 yuan for its debut, which will also lead to the value reconstruction of the ergonomic chair industry.

Forward-looking research and development, driving the innovation of ergonomic chair technology

The ergonomic chair industry is a high-tech industry that requires the accumulation of massive assets in the form of human data, human motion trajectory data, posture data, and other data. Many manufacturers with insufficient technological strength often focus on appearance research and development as a product innovation direction, which is difficult to touch upon the real consumer pain points. Therefore, users have long been troubled by problems such as lower back pain, stiff shoulders and neck, legs not reaching the ground, no support for the elbows, small angle for backward tilting, stuffy and wet seat cushions, and numbness in the legs and butt.


"This is not your problem; it's the chair's problem. As a tool, chairs have been around for 4,600 years. After all these years, they should have been smarter, but unfortunately, they are not. They left the problem to SIHOO," said SIHOO's Chairman, Luo Huiping, at the launch.

Since its inception, SIHOO has firmly maintained the belief of user-oriented practical and functional research and development and invested billions of RMB in research and development, forming a research and development team of over 100 people and working alongside industry experts and institutions to tackle ergonomic research. The years of professional ergonomic chair research accumulation have laid a solid foundation for the birth of Doro-S300. At present, SIHOO has 131 patents, of which Doro-S300 has applied for as many as 29 patents. SIHOO's goal is not only to create a best-selling new product but also a product that users genuinely need. A user-oriented product developed based on user needs is the embodiment of the progress of the ergonomic industry.

Collision of ideas, cross-field big names explore industry innovation trends

At the launch, around the core theme of innovation and development of the Chinese ergonomic chair industry, Professor Li Zhelin from the School of Design at South China University of Technology, SIHOO Intelligent Furniture's Chairman, Luo Huiping, Xing Yinzhong, President of the Shenzhen Ergonomics Society, and Doctor Lee Xialin from the Department of Orthopedics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and other cross-field big names had extensive discussions, analyzing the necessity of choosing comfortable and healthy ergonomic chairs from different professional dimensions.


Li Zhelin, professor of South China University of Technology School of Design, said that from the social level, the modern work and entertainment mode makes people keep sitting for a longer period of time, while coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the demand of sedentary people for comfortable seats cannot be ignored. Professor Li interpreted the standard of linkage backrest engineering from the level of human-computer interaction design, and recognized the sitting feeling of SIHOO Doro-S300.

For the question of "what kind of ergonomic seat is a good ergonomic seat", Xin Yinzhong, president of Shenzhen Ergonomic Application Association, popularized the eight standards of ergonomic chairs on the spot. Li Xia Lin, a postdoctoral fellow of the Institute of Orthopedic Surgery of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the United States, explained the usual factors of spinal disease around the problem of the gradual rejuvenation of spinal subhealth, and affirmed the ergonomic design of SIHOO Doro-S300 from the medical professional perspective.

In the face of future innovation and development of the ergonomic seat line, experts believe that more mature ergonomic technology application and more intelligent human-computer interaction product development will be the trend. Luo Huiping, chairman of SIHOO Intelligent Furniture, said that the intelligent research of the ergonomic seat will be the "next stop" for SIHOO to lead the technological change of the industry.

The release of SIHOO Doro-S300 is not only a milestone work of engineering technology, but also means that SIHOO is once again standing at a brand new starting point. "In order to let everyone enjoy comfortable and healthy sitting, we must keep moving forward", said Luo Huiping, the chairman of the board.

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