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Why is the the Ergo Chair with Waist Support Better?

May 23-2022

Recently, someone often asks why the ergo chair I sit is always less than the top of the waist, the waist position is always suspended, the legs are hemp? Today I give you the answer!

I. Your waist cannot feel the ergo chair because of your sitting position

The correct way to sit is to place your butt completely on the seat of the ergo chair, filling the ergo chair surface and stressing all points of the butt.

When the force is balanced, the person's spine is closer to its normal natural state, which naturally reduces the load on the lumbar spine and lower back muscles.

When you sit on the seat cushion of the ergo chair, measure the gap between the seat edge of the ergo chair and the knee with your finger. About 2-3 finger distance, such a distance will not pressure the blood circulation of the legs, so as to achieve the decompression and relaxation of the legs.

II. Your waist cannot feel the ergo chair because of the chair you bought

Buying the ergo chair that has backward function, the ergo chair that can tilt more is more comfortable, lean back, the angle of upper body and lower body can become bigger and bigger.

And the most comfortable tilt angle is 110°-130°. The purchase of a good quality ergonomic office chair to achieve such a tilt angle is the most comfortable state for the human body.

III. Your waist cannot feel the ergo chair because of your absence of walking after work

Because of the need for sedentary work, work should be every 2 hours should be about 10 minutes of activity, or free to walk, or do simple exercise, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of the above disease.

No matter how comfortable the ergonomic office chair is, it is impossible to save lumbar muscle strain. It is necessary to cooperate with yoga chair or 360° rotating the ergo chair to achieve relaxation.

The ergo chair backs TTPU soft rubber inner plate that can perfectly fit the human spine. Good quality ergonomic office chair backs can be lifted for people of different heights. The chair swing can greatly meet the needs of the office crowd;

The soft rubber material and adjustable curvature of the headrest of the ergo chair can better fit the neck and meet the comfort of the headrest.

When people need to stand up after sitting for a long time, the slight forward leaning function of the ergo chair cushion helps you stand up better, thus relieving the pressure on the legs and buttocks.

Foshan Kezhimei Furniture Co., Ltd. is always committed to becoming a professional ergonomic office chair manufacturer, providing ergonomic furniture for global users' study, work and entertainment. Welcome customers to visit and consult.

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