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How to Choose a Good Chair?

May 15-2023

The types of staff chairs are many. Often people choose chairs that match their design style after decorating their office, but staff chairs are an important piece of office furniture. Choosing the wrong chair can often cause spinal problems. If you only focus on appearance, you may choose an uncomfortable chair that makes work a torture.

The key to choosing a good staff chair is to choose quality. Good quality is the most fundamental requirement for a good chair. In addition, in terms of details, we need to pay special attention to the following points:

1. In the humid air in the south, choose a staff chair that will "breathe." For example, the cushion should have a hollow net. In the long summer, you will find it particularly useful.

2. Office chairs have a lean function. When sitting in an office for a long time, when leaning back, the back of the chair can provide appropriate support to the body. Resting a little with the body inclined to more than 120 degrees can help relieve physical fatigue.

3. Office chairs should focus on ergonomics. A good staff chair must have appropriate back support and knee height from the ground. When selecting, the seat height is generally about 60 centimeters high. The best method is to measure with your own knees, and the height of your knees is the best chair height. Of course, if you choose an adjustable height staff chair, you can adjust it to a comfortable state.

For most white-collar workers, a chair that can take a nap at any time, that is, the back of the chair can be tilted to about 180 degrees, with a certain support function on the back, and a footrest, will be very practical.

Office chairs are a very common piece of furniture. People need to sit on chairs for work, writing, or entertainment, so chairs are very important in people's daily lives. It is necessary to choose a chair that suits you.

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