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The Difference Between the Ergo Chair and the Gaming Chair

Feb 18-2022

Ⅰ. What is the difference between the ergo chair and the gaming chair?

The core of the ergo chair is support, so why don't I buy a gaming chair? The same is the support problem. Isn't the support of those gaming chairs with racing bucket chair design stronger?

Honestly speaking, the support of the bucket chair is indeed strong, but while paying attention to the support ability of the gaming chair. We cannot ignore the accompanying drawback - wrapping.

The reason why racing seats choose buckets over the ergo chair is really for support purposes. Violent acceleration in motorsport has the potential to hit from all directions.

In order to fix the rider on the seat, seat manufacturers have greatly improved the wrapping of the seat, and the rider is tightly fixed on the seat with the wrapping design, which is also the origin of the "bucket" in the name of the bucket seat.

But the problem is that too much wrap compresses our muscles, while triggering a natural physiological response that makes us involuntarily tighten our muscles to counter the stress of the seat wrap.

At the same time, the squeezing properties of bucket chairs also keep us mentally tense. After weighing these shortcomings, it is not a problem for racing drivers, but it seems to be a bit of a loss for normal game play.

E-sports do not need the high resistance of bucket chairs, but too strong wrapping will cause shoulder muscle tension and cause shoulder discomfort, which is also the biggest difference between the gaming chairs and the ergo chair.

Ⅱ. The precautions for selecting the ergo chair

Having said so much, how to choose the ergo chair? First of all, a suitable Sihoo gaming chair needs to have just the right amount of lumbar and spinal support, so that we can maintain a healthy spine posture when sitting and working.

At the same time, the muscles should also be relaxed as much as possible. In addition, in order to adjust the correct sitting posture, a fully ergonomic office chair also needs to have a certain adjustment range, so that the support structure of each part can be adjusted according to the user's own situation.

The last thing is safety. The safety here means not only that the air column for adjusting the height at the bottom must be durable enough, and whether the material used in the seat will cause allergies.

Whether the strength of the cutoffs around the ergo chair can cover the user's weight is also something we need to pay attention to.

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