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Health Principle Analysis of the Ergo Chair

Apr 08-2022

1. What are the health principles of the ergo chair?

With the development of business, many people's work is spent sitting in the office for nearly ten hours a day. As people participate in activities less frequently, people face increasing health risks over time.

Many people sit with their torso and thighs at 90 degrees throughout the day. Over time, we will feel uncomfortable, such as: back pain, slow blood circulation, obesity, arthritis and dizziness caused by insufficient oxygen intake.

Traditional chairs make people unconsciously maintain incorrect postures, and maintaining such postures for a long time can cause many health problems. And a good the ergo chair can help people correct sitting posture, exercise back muscles and promote blood circulation in the legs.

Moreover, it can reduce the stiffness of the neck and back even if we sit for a long time, so it can relieve the fatigue of the body and enhance the vitality of the body.

Kinesiology is the science of the harmonious relationship between technology and people. It is first of all a concept, starting with the people who use the product as the starting point of product design, and requires that the shape, color, performance, etc. of the product should be designed around the physiological and psychological characteristics of people, so that people can be more comfortable, safe and comfortable at work. healthy.

In essence, it is to make the use of the ergo chair as suitable as possible for the natural form of the human body, so that the user's body and spirit do not need any active adaptation, minimize fatigue, and be more comfortable and safe.

2. What are the beneficial designs of the ergo chair for the human body

When a person adopts a sitting position, the main weight of the body is borne by the hip ischial bones. Therefore, for people who take a sitting position for a long time, the seat cushion must have sufficient padding and appropriate hardness, so as to distribute the pressure of the body weight on the ischial tuberosity area.

The cushion part of the engineering seat can make you sit for a long time without being so uncomfortable, of course, the premise is that the height should be adjusted moderately.

The fully ergonomic office chair can provide support for the lumbar spine and appropriately reduce back tension. Because the inclination angle, width, depth of the seat, the inclination of the backrest, etc. will affect the force of the lumbar spine.

And different jobs, some need to bend properly, and some need to lean against the backrest. Sometimes the engineering seat you buy may not be able to support your lumbar due to the nature of your work, and that's because you didn't make it work.

The ergo chair is shaped according to our physiology and the curvature of our spine. The selected fabric material has excellent ductility and can be quickly restored to its original state.

High-tech materials and advanced engineering cater to all types of people with minimal adjustments. In turn, the risk of fatigue, pain, and discomfort caused by poor sitting posture is greatly reduced.

When sitting in a fully ergonomic office chair, the angle between our torso and thighs is greater than when sitting in a traditional chair, and our legs are tilted forward.

This design can also tilt the pelvis forward to maintain the natural lumbar curvature of the human body, and can help the back maintain a normal physiological curve to reduce muscle tension and spinal deformation caused by prolonged sitting.

The ergo chair fits both personal and office settings. Simple operation and ergonomic design allow users to have the most comfortable feeling and the best working condition.

the ergo chair is designed to help ensure your correct sitting posture and your health. Our designs follow the natural shape of the human body, are breathable, and feature no-iron suspension fabrics. It provides continuous lumbar support, high-grade material for even weight distribution, and it is also recyclable. Plus, its contemporary style matches any space.

The ergo chair generally uses an integrally formed elastic fabric, which can better fit the curvature of the human body and provide continuous support and weight distribution.

The comfort of The ergo chair is unmatched by traditional foam seat cushions. Meet your individual needs with just three simple adjustments: Seat Height, Backrest Tilt and Tilt Tension.

When choosing the ergo chair, you must choose a certain brand awareness, so that the material of the ergo chair will be guaranteed. SIHOO ergo chair is carefully designed to conform to the characteristics of the human body. It is an ideal chair for everyone to work, live and relax!

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