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SIHOO Grandly Launched Three Innovative Products in 2022

Jun 10-2022

On May 27, SIHOO smart furniture 2022 new product launch conference came to an end in Shenzhen. As the first new product launch in the innovative development stage of China's ergonomic chair industry, SIHOO has launched three disruptive products: Doro-C300, Doro-E300, and Xdesk-E200 smart electric lift tables at one time. It has aroused extensive attention and discussion among a large number of users, with more than 100 million readings on related topics, and more than 1 million viewers in the live broadcast room.

At the press conference, SIHOO also announced nine evaluation standards and user experience testing standards for ergonomic chair products, leading the industry to open the door to the era of "chair industry innovation".


New products launched

SIHOO uses its strength to set off the prelude of industry innovation

At this new product launch conference, SIHOO has made breakthrough attempts for the three major products launched, including product design concepts, product materials, manufacturing processes, functional experience and scene applications. Doro-C300 is SIHOO's annual original flagship product in 2022. After 2 years of research and development, it has 8 major technological innovations that subvert the industry, and matches more than 80 kinds of free gesture scene applications in users' real life. Doro-C300 is extraordinary. SIHOO's independent research and development of innovative "Domino waist support system" and "6D bionic joint armrest" is the industry's original patented design, which solves the user's pain point needs in all-scene applications from the source.


Doro-E300 is an ET fashion office chair created by a post-95s designer, fully absorbing the latest technology of the Doro series high-end ergonomic chair platform. The difference is that the Doro-E300 adopts differentiated functions such as the self-adaptive waist support design with the separation of the waist and the back, the aluminum alloy main body back frame, and the double-joint headrest. Especially the aluminum alloy main body back frame, SIHOO adopts one-time die-casting molding, fine processing of 13 processes, and integrates alien elements into the shape. Such a chair is overall elegant and beautiful.

In addition to ergonomic chair products, SIHOO also specially launched the Xdesk-E200 intelligent electric lift desk at this conference. Xdesk-E200 breaks the square design of the traditional lift table, innovatively adds the desktop touch function, and adds humanized functions such as intelligent lock key, dual fast charging interface, storage function, etc. The stylish and simple shape also makes it compatible with all kinds of furniture. 


In addition, in order to further bring a better experience to users, SIHOO provides free on-site installation services undertaken by Master Wan APP for the three new products.

Reinvent the standard

Defining the well-being of a good chair

China's ergonomic chair industry has experienced "barbaric growth" in the past 10 years, achieved a leap in scale, and has great influence in the world. However, ignoring the needs of users, disorderly low-price competition, and insufficient innovation capacity seriously restrict the healthy development of the industry. The domestic ergonomic chair industry is often labeled with bad impressions such as "low price but inferior", "imitation or plagiarism", and "cheap".

Facing the shackles of industry development, SIHOO took the initiative to take actions and changes, and established a quantifiable evaluation standard - the 631 experience detection system. SIHOO realizes a comprehensive upgrade of the quality system through the combination of three evaluation methods: instrument measurement, questionnaire survey and user behavior observation, making the experience visible and tangible!

On the other hand, SIHOO also proposed nine purchasing criteria based on the Chinese static human body database at the press conference to redefine the criteria for a good chair. We are the first in the industry to realize the dual effect of healthy support and comfortable body feeling.


The chairman of SIHOO smart furniture said in the interview that SIHOO's journey to innovate the chair industry has just begun, and SIHOO will continue to lead the continuous innovation of the ergonomic chair industry, so that a good chair can also bring happiness to users!

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