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To Prevent Cervical Spondylosis, You Only Need a Fashionable Ergonomic Chair!

Jul 07-2022

In modern society, more and more office workers are sitting in front of computers. Many people suffer from varying degrees of damage to the lumbar and cervical spine due to poor sitting posture and prolonged sitting. At a young age, there are signs of geriatrics. If this situation continues, it will evolve into cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation and other elderly diseases, which will cause great harm to the body.

1. The ergo chair can improve our quality of life

The most commonly heard is to sit upright, do not sit for a long time, move more and walk more. But when it comes to work, or the game is critical, it's really hard to juggle both. Bending over and sitting in front of a computer is so commonplace that the afternoon passes without knowing it. It would be great if there was a good tool that could properly alleviate the risks of prolonged sitting without deliberately adjusting the sitting posture. Sihoo ergo chair is precisely for this need, but there are still too many people who do not have this Consciousness, I don't know the difference between it and an ordinary chair, I don't understand how helpful the ergo chair is for the adjustment and assistance of sitting posture. As we become more and more focused on a high quality of life, we really need to take care of our bodies, and we also need to know the tools that can help us.

2. Important reasons for choosing the ergo chair

(1) Chair back and lumbar support: Provide lumbar support and conform to the spine curve.

(2) Seat Cushion: Height adjustable, suitable for everyone's height.

(3) Armrest: Provides support for the arm when hitting the keyboard.

(4) Headrest: It provides head support when lying on the back.

Every adjustment function of the ergo chair is addressing an adaptation point, which is the basis of ergonomic design. Now, if you do a random search online, you can find many ergonomic chairs that claim to be products. So are they really good? Simply put, a fashionable ergonomic chair refers to ergonomics in design. It has multiple functions, can adapt to the adaptive adjustment of different human bodies, has a great positive effect on sedentary and sitting posture adjustment, and prevents damage to the lumbar spine, cervical spine and other organs. This is especially helpful for modern "busy people". It is very practical in offices, homes, Internet cafes and other places.

As more and more people work from home, people have higher and higher requirements for hardware and software in the home office environment. We all have this experience: sitting in front of the computer for a long time will make you feel very tired, and you will feel irritable and unable to concentrate on work. How to solve this problem and have a comfortable home office experience? In order to improve the comfort again, the once popular ergonomic chair is iteratively renewed. Here is a new choice for home office: SIHOO's fashionable ergonomic chair!

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