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Some Tips about Office Chairs

May 22-2023

A good office chair should be carefully considered in terms of type, material and design, and we should also consider the user group when choosing. So, what aspects should we pay attention to when it comes to choosing an office chair? Here are some tips from a staff office chair manufacturer:

There are also big differences between office chairs made by manufacturers in the north and south, mainly due to differences in climate, living habits and people's height and body shape. Comfort when sitting down is important when choosing an office chair.

Check if the height of the office chair is suitable for you

When choosing, the seat height is generally around 60CM. There is a simple way to choose: use your own knee as a measurement, and the height of your knee is the appropriate chair height.

If the seat of the office chair is higher than the knee position, it is too high. Sitting on a chair that is too high means that your feet cannot be placed flat on the ground. Hanging feet will cause more pressure on the thighs and is not good for blood circulation.

If the seat of the office chair is too low, the thighs cannot be placed flat, which will cause the weight of the body to concentrate on the buttocks, which is uncomfortable when sitting for a long time. Moreover, if the chair is too soft, the force on the buttocks is uneven, the sitting posture is relatively unstable, and there is a certain degree of harm to the spine.

The seat of the office chair should be at the same height as the knee, so that when sitting on the chair, the thighs can be placed flat on the cushion, and the feet can naturally touch the ground. The calves will also have some support, and the weight of the body will be shared by the buttocks, thighs, and calves. This will not cause excessive pressure on any part of the body, and it will naturally be more comfortable.

The back of the office chair

An office chair with a backrest is better than one without a backrest, and the height and curvature of the backrest are also the focus of observation.

A good office chair can support the spine effectively. When we sit down, it will also help us adjust our posture. In order to protect our lumbar spine, we need to carefully consider the back of the office chair.

Many of the staff office chairs produced by manufacturers have backrests, but the height of the backrest also needs attention. If the backrest is too high, it will affect our cervical spine, cause changes in the curvature of the cervical spine, and be harmful to our health in the long run. If the backrest is too low, it will not play a supportive role and will also damage the lumbar spine. We can try sitting down, and the height of the backrest should be at the level of the shoulders.

The curvature of the office chair backrest can be divided into two types: one is the curvature of the shoulders, and the other is the curvature of the spine. Generally, a small curvature inward at the shoulder position is better, as it can fit the curve of the shoulders. The curvature of the spine should also match the natural curve of the human spine, so as not to make the waist suspended and avoid too much pressure on the spine.

A well-chosen office chair backrest can reduce the pressure on the spine and correct our posture. When we try sitting down, we should relax as much as possible, lean on the back of the chair, and feel that our back and lumbar spine are supported and our shoulders are fitting closely to our body. This is what makes a good office chair!

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