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Leader in Ergonomic Chairs: Sihoo!

Mar 08-2023

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for spiritual well-being often exceeds their demand for material goods. Many people have heard of ergonomics and human engineering. But what is the concept of ergonomics? What is an ergonomic chair?

I. The Concept of an Ergonomic Chair

In fact, ergonomics originated in Europe and the United States. Initially, it was because in the production process of industrial society, people often had to use a large amount of machinery to invest in production, so there was a need for coordination between people and machinery.

Now, after 40 years as an independent discipline, ergonomics is only beginning to be widely popularized in the past decade. It takes the human body as the main subject and uses various methods to study the reasonable coordination between the human body and the environment. Simply put, it designs products that feel comfortable, promote health, and fit with the human body.

II. Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

When we purchase an ergonomic chair, we not only consider its appearance but also its comfort, as the quality of the chair can directly affect our work efficiency.

Since ergonomic chairs are designed with the user's comfort in mind, product functionality is more important. The areas we commonly experience injury are the waist, back, and neck, but Sihoo's headrest and lumbar support can be adjusted, which helps us find a comfortable posture that relieves pressure on our spine while working.

In addition, the backrest and seat cushion are designed with mesh, which is different from traditional cloth and leather products. Nylon mesh is highly elastic and breathable, making it more comfortable to use in the summer. The design of nylon mesh makes it easy to clean with a brush when the chair is frequently used.

When choosing an ergonomic chair, it is recommended to choose a reputable brand, such as the aforementioned Sihoo, which is a rare high-quality domestic brand. However, chairs are still an auxiliary aid, and to truly promote health, it is recommended to exercise and avoid sitting for long periods of time.

Sihoo chairs are very popular in Malaysia, and their professionalism and enthusiasm are impressive. Ergonomic office chairs are sure to become increasingly popular, and our products have excellent design and quality. We believe that one day, Sihoo will become a world-class brand. Please feel free to inquire.

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