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Precautions for the Purchase and Maintenance Methods of Young Kids Desk

Apr 22-2022

Ⅰ. What indicators should we pay attention to when purchasing a young kids desk?

Now the kiddie study tables and chairs on the market are very powerful and can create a good learning environment for children. Next, I will share with you what indicators you need to pay attention to when buying a young kids desk.

(1) Material

The materials on the market are mainly solid wood and wood-based panels. Solid wood young kids desks are expensive and have a long production cycle, but they are natural and environmentally friendly.

The most important thing is to buy it according to the budget. If the budget is high, you can buy solid wood products. If the budget is tight, you can buy cost-effective and safe man-made panel product.

(2) Table performance

The performance of the table mainly depends on three points, including the lifting function, the desktop tilting function and the auxiliary function. The lifting methods are divided into shaking, pneumatic and electric types.

The desktop tilt function prevents myopia, and the kiddie study table can be adjusted to about 15 degrees when children are writing, and the posture can also be appropriate. For reading, it can be adjusted to about 30 degrees, so children can hold the book easily.

For painting, it can be adjusted to about 50 degrees, and it is very easy for children to move the pen. For children, the appropriate table width is about 50cm, and the table height is 50 to 77cm.

(3) Chair performance

Generally, when buying study tables and chairs, try to buy matching ones. The advantage of this is that the tables and chairs can be combined to play a role.

When buying a chair, it is mainly to see if the chair can be designed ergonomically, whether the back of the chair can withstand the child's spine, and whether the back of the chair can simulate the curve of the child's back and bear the child's back very well.

Besides, factors such as whether the armrests on the elbows can support the child when he is tired, and like a young kids desk, whether it can also be adjusted as the child grows, as well as whether the seat cushion is comfortable and whether it can disperse the pressure must be considered.

Ⅱ. How to maintain the young kids desk?

Nowadays, many parents will buy young kids desk for their children to facilitate their children's learning, so it is also very important to take care of the desks. Next, I will introduce to you how to properly maintain the young kids desk.

(1) The young kids desks should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because if the temperature is too high, it will reduce the service life of young kids desks. The young kids desk is best placed in a sunny and ventilated place, and the young kids desk should be placed against the wall as much as possible to expand the children's activity space.

(2) The young kids desk should not be stained with colored water. If it is stained, it should be wiped dry in time.

(3) Before using the kiddie study table, check whether the connection is firm. When cleaning the dust, follow the grain of the wood to remove the dust. Do not wipe it with a dry cloth to avoid scratching it.

(4) In daily use, do not hit the young kids desk with heavy objects or doodle on the surface of the young kids desk. It is also not possible to refinish furniture with paints that are different from the original paint of the furniture. Every other year, the young kids desk should be varnished and maintained to keep the color bright.

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