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Fitting Children's Study Furniture is Important

Mar 16-2022

According to the survey and statistics of the Student Health Department of the Ministry of Education of China, as the age of the students increases, the myopia rate is gradually increasing, ranging from 10% to 20% of primary school students, 20% to 40% of middle school students, and 60% to 70% of high school students. Among them, a few people have the genetic factor of myopia, and more than 80% of them are directly or indirectly related to the tables and chairs they use.

1. Children's study furniture does not match the height of the child

The younger the student is, the stricter the requirements for the tables and chairs used. The relationship between children's height and the height of tables and chairs is very close, which requires parents to pay enough attention to this.

If the height of the writing table and chair for kids used in learning is not suitable, it will make the child sit uncomfortable. If the table top is too high and the chair is too low, it will cause people to form a prone posture, shorten the sight distance, and easily cause the spine to bend and deform over time, and even cause eye myopia, affecting the health of the child's body.

2. The structure of children's study furniture does not conform to the principle of ergonomics

Many parents think that their children are short-sighted because of bad writing habits, but they do not delve into why they develop bad writing habits.

Ordinary desk surfaces will make students lean forward when writing, lean forward with their shoulders and arms hanging in the air, and the front edge of the writing table and chair for kids will get stuck on the child's chest, and the child has to bend down and bow his head, so that when they are writing, they will be too close to the book.

At the same time, the long-term suspension of the arm is easy to cause fatigue, and the body will unconsciously move forward to the desktop, so that the distance between the eyes and the book will be closer.

The cause of myopia in children has been found, so how can these problems be overcome? At this time, we need to choose a more reasonable children's study furniture for children - intimate companions for children's learning.

The height of children's healthy ergo study desk and chair can continuously be adjusted according to the height of the child, who is rapidly growing up. The range of 53 to 76CM is adjustable, which is suitable for children of all school age. With just a slight shake, the desk grows taller with the child.

The children's study desk and chair also has the function of tilting the desktop, and there is a small recessed notch at the front of the desk board, which reduces the distance between the desktop and the human body.

The inclination angle of the desktop can be switched and adjusted within a scientific and reasonable range. Children's study furniture matches the needs of children's different learning scenarios and is more ergonomic.

It can also reduce the fatigue of muscles and bones in various parts of the body such as cervical spine, shoulders, arms, waist, back, etc. caused by long-term writing in one posture, which is more beneficial to children's physical health.

The study table also has a reading rack, so that books or iPads can be placed on it, which is convenient for reading, copying and taking online classes.

It can scientifically control the viewing distance, control the distance between the child's eyes and the book, and prevent the child from learning for a long time that the eyes are too close to the book and gradually develop myopia, and children no longer need to hold the book when reading and writing.

The writing table and chair for kids allow children to learn healthily and happily, have a pair of healthy and bright eyes, and devote themselves to the ocean of seeking knowledge.

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