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Methods to Choose and Clean Office Conference Chairs

May 02-2022

I. Factors to consider when purchasing grey conference chairs

Whether students or working people, many young people have the habit of sitting and playing for a long time and paying high attention.

Over time, problems such as vision loss, muscle pain, joint and cervical pain occur frequently. So, how to choose a comfortable and safe conference chair, and what problems should be paid attention to in the selection?

1. Safe

When purchasing qualified office conference room chairs, safety is the primary factor that must be considered. Do not buy rickety chairs with sharp angles and rough surfaces to avoid bruises or scratches.

The safety of the chair can be distinguished by its treatment in structure and details. A good chair adopts smooth and smooth line technology, exquisite surface treatment, ingenious switch design and reliable steel pipe as support.

2. The materials should be environmentally friendly and exquisite

When purchasing plastic steel conference chairs, new materials with no odor, high purity and transparency should be selected. Good office conference seating should adopt brand-new skin-friendly materials, which are safe, non-toxic, clean and environment-friendly.

Generally, the color of the panel is relatively dim, and the variegated materials are inferior materials used for many times, which are often marked with toxic elements, which are harmful to human body. The steel pipe shall select the support components with qualified support strength and careful surface treatment as the steel pipe skeleton.

The surface of the conference chair with fine workmanship is subject to deep pickling treatment, multi-layer electrostatic uniform spraying / electroplating rust removal, the wall is smooth and uniform, the color is consistent, not easy to age and anti-rust.

3. Humanized design

A good grey conference chair should also conform to the characteristics of ergonomic design. A stiff and inhumane chair back is easily to cause physical and mental fatigue and muscle soreness, and poor sitting posture will affect the cervical spine and vision.

Therefore, we should choose the seat back design in line with the spine curve of the human body, so that users can raise their heads and straighten their chest as long as they lean on the seat back, which is conducive to the upward extension of the body.

II. What should we pay attention to when cleaning the office conference seating?

When selecting meeting chair, we should pay special attention to the surface conditions, which is the problem we need to pay special attention to when selecting, and we need to pay special attention to these aspects of knowledge.

1. The fabric is leather or PU leather: usually leather has good moisturizing and ventilation functions. It is usually used for high-grade sofas and conference chairs. It is characterized by not easy to fade after dyeing, elegant color, excellent hand feeling and beautiful appearance.

Therefore, when maintaining office conference seating, you only need to gently wipe the leather surface with a clean soft cloth, or you can wipe it with neutral cleaning fluid, but do not rub it hard to avoid damaging the leather surface and causing durability.

If the maintenance is the dirt caused by long-term use, the ideal cleaning method is to dilute a small amount of neutral detergent with warm water, then wipe the cleaning solution with a wrung clean cloth, then polish it with a dry cloth, and wipe it evenly with an appropriate amount of leather maintenance agent until the surface is bright.

2. Fabric of conference chair: fabric is a surface material of various furniture, which is usually used for various types of chairs and sofas. It is characterized by comfort, rich colors, diverse textures and great attention to maintenance.

Common method: if there is dust, sand or particles, use a vacuum cleaner to brush gently along the texture of the grey conference chair fabric, but do not use a brush brush to avoid hurting the textile.

It can be dissolved in warm water with neutral detergent, and then absorb water with clean soft cloth, but carefully read the dosage instructions when using detergent.

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