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Three Steps to Adjust Children's Study Furniture

Jan 17-2022

Children's study furniture is no stranger to families with children. Many parents will buy some children's study furniture for their children when they first enter the school.

However, for some children's study furniture that can be raised and lowered on the market, many parents do not know how to adjust it. Then let's introduce the steps of children's study furniture lifting adjustment in detail.

1. The first step is to adjust the height of the writing table and chair for kids

The specific method is to first adjust the study chair to the lowest position, and then let the child sit on the chair in a normal sitting posture. It should be noted that the hips should be completely seated in the chair, and the feet should bend naturally.

If the legs are bent, you need to make some adjustments. Usually, there is an adjustment position behind the children's writing desk and chair. Different products have different adjustment methods, so it is best to adjust the best sitting posture according to the instructions of the product.

2. The second step is to adjust the back of the writing table and chair for kids

The specific method is to adjust the backrest according to the child's back and backrest. It should also be noted that the adjustment of different products is also different.

The backrest of children's study furniture is adjusted by stretching the cushion back and forth so that the backrest can just touch the child's back. If the child is younger, you may need to use the backrest and other items.

3. The third step is to adjust the height of the writing table and chair for kids

When the seat and the back of the chair are adjusted, the child can be seated, and then the arms are naturally vertical, and then the forearm is raised, and the elbow is at 90 degrees.

At this time, add a fist to the horizontal line of the elbow, which is about 10 cm. This height is the height of children's healthy ergo study desk and chair that need to be adjusted. If you don't understand anything, see whether there are detailed graphic instructions on the product manual.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone should know how to adjust the lifting and lowering of children's study furniture. If you have any questions about the products you bought back, you can consult the customer service to find out.

In fact, every parent needs to pay attention to the choice of learning tools while paying attention to children's learning, which can make children learn more comfortably and improve learning efficiency.

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