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The 47th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair

Sep 15-2021

On March 31, the four-day 47th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair ended perfectly. The exhibition brought together thousands of the world's top excellent brands and attracted many domestic and foreign customers to visit the exhibition. As the leading brand of ergonomic furniture in China,  many new ergonomic chairs of Sihoo have attracted much attention.

sihoo at the 47th china international furniture fair

It is worth mentioning that Sihoo's 2021 flagship ergonomic chair is the most favored by exhibitors in this exhibition. This chair has undergone major changes in shape and functional design. And its back design adopts the upper and lower separation design. The back frame design discards the softer plastics in the past and is made of three-dimensional and thick metal, which reveals a modern light luxury. In addition, the shape of the chair back adopts a bionic spine design, the overall curvature and lines give a smooth and delicate beauty!

sihoo 2021 flagship ergonomic chair

In terms of appearance, this ergonomic chair is not only full of sense of science and technology but also uses a keel bionic design to construct the chair body, incorporating the dragon’s national tide elements into our exterior design, which is a fusion of bionics and cross-border. In terms of function, the backrest can be locked backward at any angle to meet the needs of work, relaxation, and rest in the office scene, combining work and rest; the whole chair is lifted and lowered synchronously, equipped with elastic lumbar pillows, and the seat can be adjusted to slide back and forth and the depth of the seat. It fits a variety of body types, just like tailor-made, it's high comfort and fit can perfectly relieve the body pressure for sedentary office people involved in IT, design, and new media.

appearance of sihoo flagship ergonomic chair

In recent years, office health in the workplace has been valued by more and more office workers, and engineering chairs have gradually been recognized by people. In order to create more comfortable and healthy chairs, Sihoo has devoted itself to research and technology development in the field of ergonomics for many years. To enhance the core competitiveness of products, it has now become a leader in ergonomic furniture companies. At this exhibition, the Sihoo ergonomic chair attracted many consumers to try it out and received unanimous praise as soon as it was unveiled.

With its excellent technology and products, the Sihoo Pavilion has gained super popularity and has undoubtedly become a popular pavilion in this exhibition. In the future, Sihoo Furniture will continue to provide more comfortable and healthy environmentally friendly products to consumers around the world and continue to improve its ability to respond to corporate difficulties.

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