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Why is the Ergo Chair So Expensive?

Feb 11-2022

As young people gradually become the main force of consumption, some spiritual pursuits that were not optimistic in the past have gradually become the consideration factors for mass consumers when purchasing. At the same time, they have also driven the consumption upgrade, so that everyone's consumption concept has been upgraded from the original to the current one.

1. Why do some people think the ergo chair is unnecessary?

Many people may think that the ergo chair is just an IQ tax, and it is not worth the price at all. There are many friends around me who have the same idea.

Looking at how they usually sit in front of a computer, it's not hard to see why they think the ergo chair is a new kind of IQ tax.

Some of them slumped on their chairs and stretched their necks to see the screen. Some people lie down on the table in order to see the laptop screen clearly.

Some people need to lean in front of the screen because the degree of glasses is not suitable, because the vision problem takes the whole person's sitting posture. In general, they don't care if they will have cervical, shoulder or lumbar problems in the future.

For them, a fully ergonomic office chair is not important at all, and even the backrest or armrests can be completely removed, as long as there is a seat for sitting.

For them, the ergo chair may really be an IQ tax. If you have adapted to this incorrect sitting posture, even a tens of thousands of dollars of chairs and a 79 yuan bench are not fundamentally different to you.

2. The ergo chair can make you healthier

If you pay a little attention to your spine health, it is not difficult to find that the Sihoo ergo chair is closely related to human body structure from the beginning of design. When we stand, the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and sacrum can show a natural curvature, so that the center of gravity of the upper body is maintained in a dynamic balance.

But when we sit down, the backward tilt of the pelvis and the sacrum will bring wear and tear to the lumbar spine. At the same time, the backward shift of the center of gravity of the upper body also requires us to break the perfect balance of the spine. The reason for the backward lean.

At this time, the importance of the ergo chair is reflected. After a lot of research, modern ergo chair generally have the support as the core of the product.

In other words, the ergo chair don't put comfort first. The ergo chair is more about making you sit healthy than making you sit comfortably.

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