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What Materials Are Commonly Used to Make Office Chairs for Employees?

Apr 24-2023

With the progress of technology and the development of society, office chairs have undergone a transformation from "people adapting to chairs" to "chairs adapting to people". Let's now understand what materials are used in staff office chairs, so that we can know which chair is better?


In the manufacture of staff office chairs, the following materials are generally used


  • Ordinary plastics, which are now basically eliminated, have poor quality and are only used in some small chairs. Since plastic is recyclable, these products are relatively environmentally friendly.

  • Nylon, which is widely used in staff office chairs, has good comprehensive performance, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubricating properties, and a low friction coefficient, and has certain flame retardancy. It is easy to process and has a very wide range of applications. Due to the recyclability of plastics, these products are relatively environmentally friendly.

  • Steel is easy to rust, and may crack at welding joints due to insufficient welding processing accuracy.

  • Wood is mostly used for decoration of office chairs.

  • Aluminum alloy is light, rigid and flexible, and has good shock absorption.


In addition to these materials used for frames and hardware, there are also materials used in seat cushions, backrests, and other parts. When we choose, we can first touch them with our hands to see if the fabric feels comfortable, if the surface texture is clear, if the gloss is good, if it will fade, and also the wear resistance, sunlight resistance, and so on.


What kind of fabrics do staff office chairs generally have?


Generally, there are three types: genuine leather, synthetic leather, and cloth. Among them, genuine leather feels better, but it has poor light resistance and wear resistance. It cannot be placed in direct sunlight to prevent fading and peeling, and it needs regular maintenance to maintain its good condition.


Synthetic leather is more durable, and there will be no cracking in cold places. However, its texture is not as delicate and soft as genuine leather, and it has poor breathability. Of course, genuine leather is relatively expensive.


Cloth mainly refers to mesh cloth. From the appearance, the entire fabric surface will be flat and full, without obvious color difference. Meanwhile, it has strong tear resistance, light resistance, and can protect the skin from liquid and particle pollution while allowing the skin to breathe, effectively preventing bacterial and fungal infections.


Mesh staff office chairs have the advantages of light weight, easy washing and disinfection, anti-static, and environment-friendly, and can be recycled and reused, which is loved by consumers.

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