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What Are the Functions of Writing Table and Chair for Kids?

Jan 10-2022

Basically, every child needs to use writing desks and chairs. In the past, they used ordinary desks and chairs for learning. In recent years, writing desks and chairs have been continuously updated, and the writing table and chair for kids specially designed for children have been introduced. What are the functions of these tables and chairs?

1. Writing table and chair for kids have lifting functions: they can reduce the risk of hunchback myopia

Like ordinary desks and chairs, although it can meet the needs of reading and writing, it is generally not as powerful as professional writing desks and chairs, nor can the height of desks and chairs be adjusted.

The height of children during adolescence is constantly changing, and the height of ordinary desks and chairs is fixed, so when children grow taller, they can only bend down and study.

The children's writing desk and chair have a lifting function, which can be adjusted in time according to the child's height to reduce the risk of hunchback myopia and protect the child's physical and mental health.

2. Writing table and chair for kids have desktop tilt function: they can protect children's eyesight

According to the survey report, the myopia rate of Chinese primary school students has reached 30%. It can be seen that the myopia of students is becoming more and more serious, and its impact is not only on learning but also on life.

The writing table and chair for kids have the function of tilting the desktop. The children's study furniture can change different visual angles according to the children's reading, writing, and painting, and reduce the fatigue of the eyes in the same posture for a long time, which well protects the children's eyesight.

3. Writing table and chair for kids have task management areas: improve children's learning efficiency

We have also come from the school days, and we should also be very clear that it is difficult for most children to form a good habit of independent learning, so parents need to guide them.

But many times, parents do not have so much time and energy, so this has always been a headache for parents. Then the writing table and chair for kids has can solve this problem very well.

Because it has a special task management area, it allows children to post their daily learning plans, so that children will not forget them, which can greatly improve learning efficiency.

4. How to know whether the newly bought children's study furniture has formaldehyde?

When buying children's study furniture, people usually pay great attention to the material of healthy ergo study desk and chair, because the release of formaldehyde in the material has a direct impact on the health of children.

If the amount of formaldehyde released is large, it will cause children's respiratory diseases, and in serious cases, it will directly harm the child's cardiorespiratory health. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to the amount of formaldehyde released from the material. So, how do you know whether the newly bought children's study furniture has formaldehyde?

1) See it with the naked eye. You can get a general idea of what the material of the table and chair is by looking at the appearance of children's study furniture. If it is made of wood-based panels, usually some adhesives will be added during the production process, and if there are more adhesives, the amount of formaldehyde will also exceed the standard.

The solid wood material is relatively better, the raw material is natural, and the amount used in the production process is very small. However, children's learning furniture made of solid wood is usually more expensive, and solid wood ecological boards can be selected.

2) Smell with your nose. Formaldehyde adhesives generally volatilize strong irritating odors, and poor-quality children's learning furniture can show its original shape by smelling it with the nose.

However, some tables and chairs cannot be smelled. This method of judgment can only judge the presence of formaldehyde if there is an odor. If there is no odor, it does not mean that there is no formaldehyde. Therefore, this method has certain limitations and is not very accurate.

3) Use the instrument to measure. You can buy a formaldehyde test box on Taobao, and test the room where children's study furniture is stored to see if there is any excess.

In addition, a formaldehyde detector can also be used to test the table and chairs, and the detected data can be used to determine whether there is formaldehyde.

4) To find a professional test. You can find some institutions that professionally test formaldehyde to help you test some.

In general, if you want to know whether the newly bought children's study furniture has formaldehyde, you can use the above method to detect it, but some methods cannot be tested alone, so it is better to combine multiple methods to test so that the results are more accurate.

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