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What Are the Components of Office Chairs?

Apr 03-2023

Personalized Office Chairs include executive chairs, manager chairs, supervisor chairs, staff chairs, conference chairs, training chairs, pre-class chairs, leisure chairs, etc. Different office chairs have different components.

The now commonly used executive chairs, manager chairs, supervisor chairs, and staff chairs are all swivel chairs, with few being non-swivel chairs. The components of swivel chairs generally include chair legs, steam bars, chassis, wheels, etc.

Components of personalized office chairs - steam bar

The steam bar is an essential part of office chairs. China swivel office chairs generate heat by friction with air during rotation. Due to the principle of "hot rise and cold shrink", compressed air generates power, and the central axis will be dangerous when ejected. It is best to use a good swivel chair and not a cheap one.

Components of personalized office chairs - chair legs

The chair legs are versatile accessories for office swivel chairs. A tripod can be decorated with delicate wooden legs. The beauty of choosing this five-star foot lies in its strong load-bearing capacity and high safety performance. It can be pneumatically or spirally lifted or customized according to samples or drawings. The tripod is made of flat iron with a slope, or flat square tube, elliptical tube, etc. The product is beautiful and generous.

Accessories of personalized office chairs - wheels

Wheels are an indispensable part of modern office chairs. Generally, it is matched with a five-star foot and can rotate 360 degrees, providing us with convenience.

Seat components of personalized office chairs - chassis

This is where the chassis of the swivel chair supports and connects the steam bar. It is used to connect the office swivel chair into a whole. Due to this influence, we must master quality control when purchasing.

The components of China swivel office chair can be roughly divided into the above parts. These office chair accessories, such as conference chairs, training chairs, mobile chairs, leisure chairs, etc., are relatively simple, mainly composed of chair backs, seat cushions, and tripods.

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