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What Are the Advantages of the Ergo Chair?

May 09-2022

In most office hours, when office workers are far away from the office, they usually sit on the office chair for a long time and rely on the office chair for a long time, which is inseparable from a good product of the office chair manufacturer. Therefore, the customization requirements of the office chair are more strict.

I. Conditions for customized ergo ergonomic executive chairs

1. Fashionable appearance, beautiful shape and visual pleasure will also bring spiritual comfort. When you see good things, your mood will always be particularly bright.

2. Secondly, the back of the office chair is very important. At present, most ergo ergonomic executive chair backrests are designed based on ergonomic principles. Bionic ridged backrests can well support every fulcrum of the human body.

3. If the seat back product is better, there will be lifting adjustment. Because people of different heights have different spine protection methods, the back frame needs adjustable lifting settings according to adult height data.

4. The cushion needs to be thickened and elastic, environmentally friendly and healthy, soft, breathable and wear-resistant. It is not easy to collapse when sitting for a long time, creating a comfortable feeling of sitting in the cloud.

5. The pillow is conducive to the multi-dimensional support of the cervical spine and easy to adjust the head force.

6. There are generally two kinds of lifting ergo ergonomic executive chair, one is pneumatic and the other is spiral. Try it when you buy it.

7. The stability of the office chair chassis is also very important. Aluminum alloy polished chair feet have strong bearing capacity, and the chair wheels should be stable, quiet and flexible.

II. Prevention of cervical spondylosis starts with an ergo chair

In modern society, more and more office workers sit in front of computers. Many people suffer varying degrees of damage to their lumbar spine and cervical spine due to poor sitting posture and long-term sedentary, and there are signs of geriatric disease at a young age.

If this situation continues, it will evolve into senile diseases such as cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis and lumbar disc herniation, which will do great harm to the body.

The most common thing I hear is to sit upright, don't sit for a long time, move more and walk more, but when it comes to work or games, it's really difficult to take both into account. It's too common to bend over and sit in front of the computer, and it will pass in the afternoon unknowingly.

If there is a good tool that can appropriately mitigate the risk of prolonged sitting without deliberately adjusting the sitting posture, it would be great.

Ergo chair is precisely for this demand, but there are still too many people who do not have this awareness, do not know the difference between the ergo chair and the ordinary chair, and do not understand how helpful the ergo chair is for sitting posture adjustment and assistance.

As we pay more and more attention to the high-quality life, we really need to care about our bodies, and we also need to know the tools that can help us.

Each adjustment function of ergo chair is solving an adaptation point, which is the basis of ergonomic design.

Now, if you search randomly on the Internet, you can find many products claimed by ergo chairs. Are they really good?

In short, ergo chair refers to ergonomics in design. It has many functions and can adapt to the adaptive adjustment of different human bodies. It plays a great positive role in sedentary and sitting posture adjustment, and prevents the injury of lumbar spine, cervical spine and other organs.

This is especially helpful for modern "busy people" and "lazy people". Ergo chairs are very practical in offices, families, Internet cafes and other places.

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