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The New Laboratory Testing Center Was Completed And Put Into Use

Sep 30-2021

As an enterprise that has been deeply involved in the field of ergonomic furniture for more than ten years, Sihoo has always been "improving people's quality of life with furniture innovation" as our mission and "everyone can enjoy ergonomic chair from Sihoo" as our vision, continue to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and highly satisfactory engineering furniture to users.

As a subsidiary of  Sihoo Furniture, Foshan Kezhimei Furniture Co., Ltd. always adheres to the same philosophy as Sihoo, uses science and technology to achieve professionalism, and strives to create a healthy, harmonious and comfortable working and living environment for customers.

foshan kezhimei furniture co,.ltd.

In August 2014, the laboratory testing center of Foshan Kezhimei Furniture Co., Ltd. was established and put into use, which has made great contributions to the development and production of Sihoo furniture for many years. Seven years later, the laboratory testing center expanded again and introduced various advanced production equipment and testing instruments to meet the needs of R&D and production.

Now, in order to further expand the R&D and production capacity and provide consumers with higher-quality ergonomic furniture products, Sihoo and Kezhimei have spent a lot of money to rebuild a new laboratory of more than 1,000 square meters, which was officially completed in July this year.

laboratory testing center

company director saying his philosophy

unveiling ceremony

The laboratory testing center currently purchases more than 30 types of testing equipment for the testing of raw materials and finished products. Among them, the testing equipment used to evaluate the structural strength and durability of the product includes a six-channel frame comprehensive machine, seat comprehensive strength testing machine, armrest strength testing machine, office chair impact testing machine, office chair rotation life testing machine, backrest fatigue testing machine, Stability test weights, chair stability test bench, office chair armrest durability and alternate bending durability tester, caster durability tester (2 stations), manual seat depth adjustment external stop tester and other testing equipment.

The testing equipment used for the product safety testing of raw materials and packaging and transportation includes universal tensile testing machine, sponge repeated compression testing machine, TABER wears resistance testing machine, carton box breaking resistance, side pressure, inclined surface impact, drop testing machine, pressure box Testing equipment such as testing machines.

the testing center equipment is officially put into operation

introduction to the functional areas of the testing center and testing items

test center equipment

equipment of test center

employees of testing center

We firmly believe that under the guidance of the user first concept, the company will continue to develop and grow. In the future, the laboratory testing center will conduct standardized management and operation in accordance with the CNAS accreditation criteria, with the goal of obtaining the CNAS accreditation certificate. At the same time, we will continue to work hard to bring users better products and services.

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