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SIHOO's Doro-S300 Utilizes Five Suspension Technologies to Enhance Comfortable Seating Experience

Dec 27-2022

Innovating the Chair Industry, Supporting Your Back Comfortably! On September 15th, the launch conference of SIHOO's ergonomic chair Doro-S300 was officially held. As SIHOO's flagship product for ten years, Doro-S300 is regarded as a revolutionary new product leading the transformation of domestic ergonomic chairs, with the first application of SIHOO's original suspension technology. At the conference, SIHOO's intelligent furniture CEO Luo Huiping gave a live explanation of Doro-S300's functions and configuration, unveiling five major "black technologies" that caused discussions in the industry.

Independent R&D of the space chassis: easy to lean back, effortless to get up

The chassis is a crucial component that determines the maximum comfort level of a chair, and it is also the most difficult part of chair development. In order to promote the self-research and domestication of chair chassis, SIHOO spent 10 years conducting research and development, and finally successfully launched its space chassis, which was applied in SIHOO's Doro-S300.

Currently, the traditional chairs on the market use spring chassis, which often cause problems such as inability to lean back for lightweight users, and difficulties in standing up for heavyweight users. The space chassis adopted by SIHOO's Doro-S300 uses aerospace glass fiber materials, enabling precise adjustment of the backward force degree, allowing users with different weights to feel "easy to lean back, effortless to get up". Its retrograde seat back linkage design also solves multiple problems such as thigh/top-heavy and waist-suspension commonly found in the current market.

First floating wing lumbar support: variable angle support, butterfly wings hug the waist

The supportiveness of the lumbar pillow is the most crucial part that users are concerned about. However, problems such as an ill-fitting lumbar pillow, instability, and a lumbar pillow that doesn’t protect the back are common and urgently need to be optimized. In light of these issues, SIHOO's Doro-S300 has boldly innovated the seat's lumbar pillow, and created the first floating wing lumbar support with the support of the butterfly wing biomimetic technology, achieving large-scale support for the waist. The floating wing lumbar support uses four universal springs to ensure its supportiveness and adapts itself to the body shape. Just like two agile hands, it provides all-round support for the waist.


Another breakthrough design of the floating wing lumbar support is its variable angle adjustment function between 90°-105°. The lumbar support can be adjusted through an aero-rod linkage control. When sitting up straight, it can support the waist normally, and when leaning back, it can lift the waist upwards, making the chair more understanding of human needs.

Innovative suspension seat back: independent adjustment supporting the waist and back

A comfortable chair must support the waist and back simultaneously to create the best comfort. However, the backrest design of traditional chairs is mainly fixed or the waist and back rise and fall together, often supporting either the waist or the back, and not both.


SIHOO's Doro-S300 uses a suspension seat back that divides the entire backrest into two support modules, upper and lower. With the lumbar pillow module remaining in a fixed position, the upper support module can be adjusted independently up and down, meeting the support needs of different people. Furthermore, it also integrates the function of a headrest. When you need to rest, adjusting the backrest to support the cervical vertebrae, it becomes an extra-large headrest.

Through these innovative designs, SIHOO's Doro-S300 enhances its universality for users of different heights. It can provide a good sitting experience for every person, whether it is for family or corporate purchases.

Original anti-shock seat cushion: off-road sensation and ultimate lightness

Applying off-road vehicle suspension technology to a chair is another innovation of SIHOO's Doro-S300 that challenges traditional experience. This cross-border thinking enables SIHOO to look beyond the chair industry and find inspirations from other fields for technological breakthroughs to enhance chair comfort.


SIHOO's Doro-S300 has adopted the four-spring shock-absorbing system of modern cars, which can fully absorb the gravitational potential energy when people sit down, actively cushioning and buffering throughout the entire process of sitting down. Compared with the "hard landing" feeling of traditional chairs, the shock-absorbing seat cushion of SIHOO's Doro-S300 provides a soft and smooth feeling, making people feel more comfortable.

Premium light cloud mesh: evenly distributed pressure for cloud-like sitting experience

An unventilated sponge cushion is often stuffy and sweaty when sitting for long periods, and an ordinary mesh fabric has insufficient elasticity and poor sitting feeling. A revolutionary ergonomic chair will never miss any comfortable details.


SIHOO's Doro-S300 selects American DuPont elastic material, which has high resilience, wear resistance, tensile resistance, and flame resistance. A layer of Italian imported velvet is woven on the DuPont material, and a special weaving technique is used so that each connection point of the mesh can provide independent support, evenly distributing pressure. This is also a key technology of SIHOO's Doro-S300 suspension technology. The light and even pressure of the delicate and elastic light cloud mesh fabric provides users with a cloud-like sitting experience.

Currently, this product has been launched online with two colors: rock grey and obsidian black, at a first release price of ¥3299.

In today's society where the average annual working hours of Chinese people exceed 2200 hours, chairs have become the workstations and habitats of every modern person. However, how to sit comfortably and healthily deserves everyone's attention and consideration. What kind of ergonomic chair is truly ergonomic and comfortable? The birth of SIHOO's Doro-S300 has provided a standard answer.

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