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Selecting Staff Chairs: What to Consider?

May 08-2023

For most office workers, a good staff chair may be even more important than a bed, as sleep time is only about 7 hours, while work time is often longer. We'll tell you how to choose an staff chair. Let's take a look!

Appearance of Staff Chair

People often say that looks are justice. When choosing anything, the first thing you see is appearance, so appearance is very important, and a good-looking staff chair can greatly improve the company's image.

Functions of Staff Chair

(1) Lifting function: Height adjustment is a necessary feature for staff chairs sold directly from manufacturers, as each employee's height is different, so it is necessary to have a lifting function so that everyone can adjust to the appropriate height.

(2) Armrests: Some people may not pay much attention to the details of armrests and think they are dispensable, but for office workers who often need to operate computers, armrests are still very necessary. They can support your elbows when typing, so that you don’t get too tired.

(3) Backrest: Nowadays, work hours are getting longer, and it is important to protect the lumbar spine. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a chair with an elastic and curvy lumbar support, which is better than traditional wooden chairs with straight backrests. This can help alleviate back pressure caused by prolonged sitting.

(4) Wheels: Employees also need to move around when they are working, so it is necessary to have wheels on staff chairs sold directly from manufacturers, so that when getting up or adjusting positions, the chair doesn't make too much noise and is more lightweight and convenient.

Material of Staff Chair

Nowadays, most people use a more modern office decoration style, and wooden staff chairs are not suitable for this style. The most commonly used frame structure is made of metal + plastic, and the seating and backrest are mostly made of leather or mesh fabric.

The frame does not need to be said too much, it just needs to be thick and durable. The seating and backrest of staff chairs sold directly from manufacturers are mostly made of mesh fabric, and leather is rarely used.

First, leather chairs are more expensive and are mostly used for boss staff chairs. Second, leather chairs are not breathable and are not suitable for long-term sitting employees. Therefore, choosing an staff chair made of mesh fabric sold directly from manufacturers has a higher cost performance and is very comfortable.

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