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Purchasing and Cleaning Tips for Boss Chairs

Mar 01-2023

Tips for Choosing a Boss Chair

Check the softness: A good boss chair should be soft and comfortable but not too soft, as it can cause fatigue over time. You can test the chair's softness by pressing down with your hand. If it has good elasticity and can't touch the bottom material, it's a good sign.

Check the height: A good boss chair should have adjustable height because everyone's height and body type are different. The appropriate height will make your legs feel comfortable. If the chair is too high, it can be uncomfortable over time.

Check the stability: Pay attention to the structure and details of the boss chair to determine its stability. Especially for chairs supported mainly by the base, such as single chairs, it's crucial to inspect the structure, including the joint parts like screws and cards. We recommend trying the chair personally and slightly shaking your body to feel its stability before purchasing.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Boss Chair

Boss chairs, especially those made of real leather with various functions, are commonly used in offices. Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the lifespan of the chair. Here are some tips:

Choose appropriate cleaning agents: Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Two common cleaning methods are dry cleaning and deep cleaning. You should choose different cleaning agents according to the material and dirt on the surface of the boss chair.

Conduct deep cleaning: Dust the surface first, then use a professional brush and concentrated cleaning agent to scrub stubborn dirt. Next, use a professional cleaning machine for a thorough second brushing, and finally, use a water-suction machine to dry the surface.

Handle after cleaning: Use a dry cleaning machine with cleaning agents to evenly foam and scrub the shallow dirt on the surface of the boss chair. Finally, use a water-suction machine to dry the surface thoroughly.

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