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Material Introduction Of ABS Used In Ergonomic Chair

ABS plastic is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B), and styrene (S). The relative content of the three monomers can be changed at will to make various resins.

Properties Of Ergonomic Chair's ABS Materials:

ABS has the common properties of three components. A makes it resistant to chemical corrosion, heat resistance, and has a certain surface hardness, B makes it have high elasticity and toughness, and S makes it have the processing and molding characteristics of thermoplastics and improve electrical properties.

Therefore, ABS plastic is a "tough, hard, and rigid" material with easily available raw materials, good comprehensive performance, low price, and a wide range of uses.

Application Of Ergonomic Chair's ABS Materials:

Many parts in the automotive industry are made of ABS or ABS alloys, such as dashboards and water tank masks.

Office Equipment:

Office equipment and machines need to have a beautiful appearance and a good feel. For example, telephone shells, memory shells, computers, fax machines, and photocopiers all use a large number of parts made of ABS.

Household Appliances: 

Because ABS has high gloss and easy formability, it has a wider market in household appliances and small household appliances, such as household fax machines, stereos, and VCD.

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