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It is Very Important for Office Workers to Choose a Satisfactory Office Chair

Feb 04-2022

Ⅰ. The Importance of buying ergonomic desk chair

According to the survey, if a person's life is calculated according to the 40 years of work, then the time spent by an office worker on an office chair is about 80,000 hours.

Then, for office workers, it is very important to choose a satisfactory ergo ergonomic executive chair. But with a good office chair, will consumers really adjust?

Ⅱ. How to choose an ergo ergonomic executive chair?

In the opinion of many people who go to work, a suitable office chair must have three characteristics - swivel, adjustable height, and a lumbar support at the waist of the chair. So, does having these three make a good chair?

In fact, it is not. The surface design of ergo ergonomic executive chair is best to be elastic and breathable, so that consumers can sit on it comfortably and not feel stuffy.

In addition, the comfort of the back of the office chair is also very important. When people work every day, they are not always in a fixed sitting position. Sometimes the body needs to be supported by the back of the chair when leaning back, swaying from side to side, or even turning left and right.

When people are leaning and resting, the elbows can be leaned on by adjusting the length of the armrests. Also in the process of people sitting at the desk, the elbows are supported by the forward tilt of the armrests of the ergonomic office chairs.

Including the height adjustment and angle adjustment of the armrest, users of various body types can achieve the best office posture.

Adjustable is the height of the seat cushion itself, secondly, the height of the armrests can be adjusted, and then the adjustable angle is the front, back, and inclination of our backrest when we sit down.

In addition, the shoulder and head support parts can also be adjusted, which are the most basic parts of the ergo boss chair that can be adjusted. Then a more comfortable and reasonable height is that the angle formed by the thigh and the calf is slightly less than 90°.

In the end, even with the fittest and best office chair, long-term work requires posture adjustments. Sitting for long periods of time is not ideal for your body.

If you sit for an hour, you should stand up and move for at least three minutes, and walk for a while, so that the blood can circulate, and some parts of the body that are already relatively stiff can be moved and relaxed.

Finally, giving some advices to consumers. For office chairs that cannot be adjusted, it is best to add a lumbar support cushion at the back waist position, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the waist.

For Chinese ergonomic chairs, the more adjustable range the chair has, the better, and the greater the adjustable range, the better. When buying an office chair, don't pay too much attention to the appearance of the product, sit on it for a long time and use it, and then decide whether to buy an office chair.

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