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How to Select the Right Ergonomic Chair for the Human Body

Jan 18-2023

Ergonomics is essentially the design of tools that are as natural as possible for the human body to use. This allows those using the tools to work without any active adaptation from the body, reducing fatigue caused by tool use. Ergonomic chairs are designed for the human body structure, allowing people to maintain a natural posture while working.

There are all kinds of ergonomic chairs. What is the most suitable for you? Today, we won't be discussing data; although comfort data is a reference, the most important thing is your own experience.

The fit of the ergonomic chair backrest

The degree to which the backrest fits the body not only needs to conform to the spinal curvature, but also needs to fit the entire back while sitting, maximally increasing the contact area, with a sense of envelopment being ideal.

On the other hand, the tilt adjustment of the backrest of the ergonomic chair needs to be adjusted according to the different feedback forces required by people of different weights and body types, with manual adjustment and automatic adaptation available depending on the price.

The fit of the ergonomic chair's lumbar support

Support that conforms to the lumbar spine curve is not simply achieved by an adjustable lumbar support. It requires a certain ergonomic structure and a stretchable mesh or leather material. Not only does it conform to the curvature of the spine, it also has good support on both sides of the waist, helping to maintain the correct sitting posture.

The fit of the ergonomic chair seat

It is not just a problem with the back and waist. There is also a risk of strain to the hips and legs, and an unsuitable seat cushion can compress the nerves and blood vessels in the legs, causing numbness from long periods of sitting. A width that is enough, with a groove and waterfall structure on the front end, is necessary, providing better support and even distribution of pressure on the leg. Sponge cushions and mesh cushions each have their advantages. Ergonomic chairs with better seat support also have adjustable seat depth and better adaptability.

The arms of the ergonomic chair

The armrests provide support for the hands and can relieve pressure on the waist and hips. Adjustable armrests that can be raised or lowered and synchronized with the tilt angle of the backrest are ideal, and ergonomic chairs with well-designed armrests also have adjustable directions, adapting to various working positions.

The headrest of the ergonomic chair

Headrests can be adjustable or not. Adjustable headrests can adjust the height, angle, and front and back of the headrest to adapt to various working positions. If the sitting posture is correct, the head will naturally be in the correct position.

As long as you feel comfortable in the above five positions and there is no feeling of compression, with strong support feedback, then congratulations, this ergonomic chair is definitely suitable for you.

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