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How to Choose an Office Chair? Why Choose a High-end Ergonomic Chair?

Mar 12-2023

1. Why use ergonomic chairs instead of regular office chairs?


Regardless of our profession or status, our body is always our most valuable asset. Only with a healthy body can we better create more and better value for ourselves and society. In our modern age, there are too many people suffering from various degrees of illnesses caused by sitting for extended periods of time. Therefore, choosing an ergonomic chair is not only an effective tool to improve our lives, but also an investment in our own body and health.


That is why we repeatedly recommend ergonomic chairs to our friends and family.


2. What are the advantages of ergonomic chairs compared to regular office chairs?


1. Breathability


Most office chairs on the market are made of sponge and PU leather, which provides a comfortable sitting experience but poor breathability. They tend to make people's hips sweat on hot days. In contrast, many good ergonomic chairs are designed with mesh, which not only provides good elasticity and comfort, but also great breathability.


2. Adjustability


Most regular office chairs only offer adjustability in terms of height and rotation, while other adjustments are rarely available. In contrast, ergonomic chairs typically offer adjustability for the headrest, armrests, and backrest, allowing people to adjust and adapt to different working situations. Some high-end ergonomic chairs even offer seat depth adjustment.


In short, if you spend a long time sitting on a chair, ergonomic chairs are undoubtedly a better choice.


3. Appearance


Ergonomic chairs usually have a stylish and modern design that stands out among other office chairs. High-end ergonomic chairs put a lot of effort into their appearance while maintaining a minimalist style, making them highly recognizable.


The above three points are why we tend to choose ergonomic chairs over regular office chairs.


Sihoo chairs are very popular in Malaysia, and their professionalism and enthusiasm are impressive. Ergonomic office chairs will definitely become more and more popular. Our products have excellent design and quality, and we believe that one day, Sihoo will become a world-class brand. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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