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How to adjust the backrest of an office chair?

Mar 07-2023

Most office chairs nowadays come with adjustable functions, but many people only know how to adjust the height and are not aware of how to adjust the backrest angle. In fact, many people who use an adjustable office chair are not aware that the backrest can be reclined. Today, we will teach you how to adjust the backrest of an adjustable office chair.

I. The "Ergonomics" theory behind adjustable office chairs

Based on the "ergonomics" theory, office chairs have been developed to provide comfort and correct posture for computer users by combining ergonomic data with modern chair-making technology. Adjustable office chairs not only meet the needs of people working and sitting for rest, but also allow for comfort and health during the work process, embodying the "people-oriented" principle in industrial design.

The design principle allows for natural and human adjustment and is suitable for adjusting to various body types. Environmentally friendly materials are mainly used, and the knobs are manually rotatable components.

According to functional requirements, they can be divided into continuous multiple rotations, with a rotation angle of up to 360°, or used for positioning rotation, etc.

They can be classified according to shape, such as circular knobs, polygonal knobs, pointer knobs, and manual turntables.

Firstly, let's look at the type of chair. Depending on the style and performance of the adjustable office chair, the reclining angle can be divided into 90°, 100°, and 125°, and some office chairs can recline up to 155°. Scientific research has shown that 90°, 100°, and 125° are sufficient for normal use when reclining.

II. Specific steps for adjusting the backrest of an adjustable office chair:

Sit on the computer chair and find the adjustment handle.

Apply slight pressure to the backrest and lean back, then release the handle to lock the angle. To adjust back, continue to manipulate the handle and apply slight pressure to the backrest, and the backrest of the adjustable office chair will bounce back.

Rock back and forth. The gas lever in front of the chair has a thick black cylinder that can be rotated left and right to adjust the rocking amplitude.

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