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Four things you must know before choosing an office boss chair!

Mar 10-2023

The high back of Boss chairs

The first thing you need to consider is how high you want the back to be, as not all high-back chairs are created equal. If you're looking for a high-back option that will support your entire back as well as your neck and head, then a Boss chair will be helpful as these chairs meet that standard.

Compared to mid-back chairs, high-back Boss chairs that support the neck and head can provide better comfort, they will provide more support for your upper back and shoulders, and typically have a more upscale look without being bulky.

How to choose a Boss chair?

If you're looking for conference chairs, you need to consider things like the overall width of the chair, so you know how many chairs can fit around your table. You can also opt for chairs with fewer adjustments and focus more on the aesthetics of the chair. Typically, conference room chairs are only used for short periods, so they don't require too much adjustability.

If you're looking for an ergonomic high-back chair, you need to ensure it has all the necessary adjustment features. Some people are okay with making only necessary adjustments to an ergonomic chair, while others want to make as many adjustments as possible.

Neck and head support of Boss chairs

High-back chairs come with different types of headrests. Typically, headrests are designed to curve along the neck. These are usually found on Boss chairs, which have greater adjustability. For such headrests, it's usually important to have height adjustment so the neck can rest comfortably on it.

Some high-back chairs have soft cushion-like pillows for resting the head. These are usually found on executive high-back chairs as they're better suited for long periods of sitting, allowing for comfortable head support.

The final type of high-back chair doesn't have a specific headrest. The thickness of the backrest remains consistent without a distinct area for resting the head. These are most commonly found in conference chairs and traditional chairs. These types of high-back chairs are usually used in specific locations and pay little attention to overall comfort.

Fabric options for Boss chairs

Chair materials mainly come in four types: fabric, leather, mesh, and faux leather.

We find mesh as the least applied interior material. Almost all mesh chairs are 24 inches taller than regular chairs, which is enough to support your mid-upper back, but unless the chair has a headrest, your shoulders, neck, and head won't be supported. If you need a mesh chair higher than 30 inches, you may need to use a headrest version.

Fabric high-back chairs have many options. The biggest issue with fabric is that delivery time is usually extended due to custom colors or patterns. You have more options compared to mesh or leather, but it usually comes at the cost of longer delivery times. If you have a deadline, you may need to use stock fabric or leather.

As time goes on, leather's durability decreases, and faux leather can save you some money while still giving you the look you want for your Boss chair, so it can be a substitute for real leather.

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