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Five Key Tips to Help You Choose the Ergonomic Chair

Jan 11-2023

Actually, ergonomics is to enable people to maintain a natural posture when using, and release the pressure of long-term work. How to choose an ergonomic chair? Many people don't know how to choose a good ergonomic chair.

What should we look at when selecting an ergonomic chair?

  • Look, it is related to the neck when watching the screen for a long time, and the neck is directly affected and harmed.

  • Type, it is related to the hands when typing, and the joints of the hands will affect you.

  • Lean, it is related to the waist and back when the upper body needs to lean near the computer from time to time. They will become very tired after a long time.

  • Sit, it refers to the long time sitting on the chair, which is related to the pressure on the buttocks and internal circulation, especially the prostate of men.

  • Step, both legs need stable support and should be planted on the ground. Many people have problems with chair height, dangling legs, or feeling uncomfortable bending their legs when leaning forward.

The seat cushion, backrest, and armrest of the ergonomic chair

Seat cushion has three types from low to high

  • Cut cotton fabric seat cushion (slightly soft-easy to deform after long time use)

  • Shaped cotton fabric seat cushion (moderately soft and hard, good sitting feeling)

  • Pure mesh fabric seat cushion (soft-good ventilation and heat dissipation, some people may be afraid of nerve compression on both sides, but the mesh on both sides has been improved and a small amount of sponge is added, support forward tilt to maintain leg blood circulation and work convenience).

Backrest has three types from low to high

  • Backrest without lumbar support (slightly soft-has chair-shaped tension, lumbar and back are integrated, suitable for Asian body shape below 155-180cm).

  • Backrest with lumbar support (somewhat hard-rests on the lumbar support with adjustable up and down, the adjuster must be made of flexible plastic, not too hard with sponge and cloth, and the operation is not flexible).

  • Pure mesh fabric backrest and lumbar support separated (the separation design of lumbar support and backrest is based on the S-shape lumbar vertebrae of the human body, correcting the lumbar vertebrae and pelvis, correcting the posture, and at the same time, there is intelligent static rebound, taking care of every detail).

Armrests have three types from low to high

  • Armrests that cannot be raised and lowered (the armrests cannot be raised and lowered, only for support, and the headrest can be adjusted up and down).

  • Armrests that can be raised and lowered (only the armrests can be raised and lowered in one direction, and the wide front and back adjustment PU headrest is suitable for stiffer neck).

  • Armrests that can be raised, lowered, moved forward and backward (3D multi-functional directional adjustable armrests, suitable for different working conditions, multi-dimensional gravity and elasticity headrest).

Ergonomic chairs are not omnipotent. Long-term sitting still requires some exercise to move and stretch. Don't sit for more than ten hours a day. If you feel back pain and blame the chair, then it may be due to your poor physical condition.

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