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Component Introduction Of Ergonomic Chair Leg

1. Injection Molded PP Feet Of Ergonomic Chair (Polypropylene)

they are usually black, produced with multiple recycled materials (such as waste plastic bags), and smelly. Due to the poor material, in order to ensure a certain pressure, there are many reinforcing ribs and the product is heavier. The white and colored PP feet are made of new materials (the new PP material is transparent), the quality is better, and the price is high. It is 1.8 to 2 times that of black. Sihoo does not use black PP feet, but white PP feet are used.

2. Injection-molded PA Feet Of Ergonomic Chair (Nylon, Polyamide)

The most common plastic feet on the market, the conventional nylon feet are black, and they can also be painted into various colors. But it is not recommended to make white nylon feet (not paint, but directly made of white nylon material), because it will turn yellow after a period of use, and it will not be wiped off, and it will appear old. Plastic materials will age under the action of light, heat, and oxygen for a long time. Nylon is no exception. Oxidation and discoloration lead to yellowing. The advantage is that the nylon foot has the advantages of high bearing pressure, hard and light, shiny, and no peculiar smell. The problem is that it is mostly broken.

3. Welded Iron Feet Of Ergonomic Chair (Also Called Steel Feet)

Because the iron feet are formed by welding, the mold investment is less, so the shape is high and the styles are diverse. The reason for not using stainless steel for steel feet: The steel feet are rarely made of stainless steel because of the high price of stainless steel, which requires argon arc welding, and the production cost is also high. And the welding position will turn yellow.

4. Aluminum Alloy Foot Of Ergonomic Chair

It is made of aluminum as the main material, and a variety of metals are added to change its physical properties. Because of the mixing of multiple metals (including iron), aluminum alloy can attract magnetism, but the attraction is not as strong as that of steel feet. One-time die-casting, stable shape, strong bearing pressure, no rust, high-grade, the best is electroplating (plating after rough polishing), the cost is also higher.

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